Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most important topics explained in a few sentences.

bringsmit helps you to organize Party's, Projects, Events together with your friends, colleagues, relatives. Create a project on the site to avoid the annoying "e-mail ping-pong". Share the organization tasks with your friends and keep an overview of the paticipants and who is bringing what.
And the best part: is completely free and works without user registration.
The most To-Do lists are made to be executed by just one person. In in contrast, is the common organization in the foreground. Everyone can join this without having to install a special app. It extends a simple Internet access. We follow with bringsmit several purposes:
  • Sustainability (e.g. avoid unnecessary/duplicate gifts with the gifts list)
  • Community (better a cookout with all friends instead of digital isolation)
  • Quick and easy communication (less time for planning = more free time)
Three dynamic guys who had the courage to realize one of their many ideas (until then they were getting the sausage in the coal because no one has thought of the tongs). We look forward to your feedback, both in the form of praise and criticism. Under Feedback you can tell us your experiences and submit your self-created project ideas. Perhaps there is your idea soon on our templates page. If you want to continue without advertising, we are pleased for your donation:
We delete the data 12 months after the configured date. By then the project under the Links (Admin & participant) is reached. Basically, "No", but if, for example, your admin link is in the wrong hands, please contact mail[at] with your concerns. Our policy is to collect personal data as little as possible. Therefore, there is e.g. no user account. Also give your e-mail address is optional. Nevertheless, the protection of all recorded data is our top priority. Therefore, all data will be encrypted, transferred via HTTPS and stored on servers in Germany. Files cannot be uploaded to But you can link to any freely accessible web address. Just copy the full URL (including http:. //) in the description or comment fields. This is automatically displayed as a link.

Your question was not answered? Then just contact us via mail[at]